Hello there!

Marius Schulz

My name is Marius Schulz. I'm 26 years old and live in beautiful Munich, Germany. I study Computer Science at Technical University of Munich and work as a freelance software developer and trainer.

I code, blog, publish, teach, and speak, although not necessarily in that order. I also tweet as @mariusschulz. When I'm doing none of those things, I enjoy reading, working out, and latin dancing.

If you're looking for JavaScript or TypeScript training, let's get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you.


I've recorded a JavaScript video course for egghead.io:

Additionally, I've recorded a bunch of individual lessons:


I've been speaking about various development topics at a couple of conferences:

  • Web Developer Conference 2017
    • React with TypeScript
    • Introduction to React (workshop)
  • Developer Week 2017
    • Advanced TypeScript
    • Introduction to React
  • Magdeburger Developer Days 2017
    • Introduction to React
  • Developer Week 2016
    • ECMAScript 2015: The New JavaScript
    • ECMAScript 2015: The New JavaScript (workshop)
  • Magdeburger Developer Days 2016
    • ECMAScript 2015: The New JavaScript
  • Developer Week 2015
    • Swift, the Successor to Objective-C
  • Developer Week 2014
    • The Architecture of ASP.NET Web API
    • Underscore.js: The Missing Parts of JavaScript
  • Web Developer Conference 2013 kompakt
    • Knockout.js: MVVM with HTML and JavaScript
  • Developer Week 2013
    • Knockout.js: MVVM with HTML and JavaScript


As part of my Computer Science courses at TUM, I've worked on the following papers:

I've also written a bunch of articles for the German dotnetpro magazine:

Open Source

Since I'm a firm believer in open source, I run a couple of projects myself:

  • gulp-iife: A Gulp plugin for wrapping JavaScript code in IIFEs
  • ExtraLINQ: Simplify your code by leveraging additional LINQ extension methods
  • jQuery.passwordStrength: Determine and visualize the strength of a password
  • FluentImageResizing: Resize and crop images in .NET using a fluent interface
  • NAverage: Compute the average of a set of values using different algorithms