Asynchronous JavaScript with async/await

In this course we will learn how to use the ES2017 async and await keywords to write asynchronous code that is more readable and easier to follow than equivalent code based on long promise chains or deeply nested callbacks.

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TypeScript 2.7: Numeric Separators

TypeScript 2.7 brought support for numeric separators. Within a numeric literal, you can now group digits by putting an underscore between them.

TypeScript 2.6: JSX Fragment Syntax

TypeScript 2.6 added support for JSX fragments. Within .tsx files, you can now use the new <>...</> syntax to create a fragment.

TypeScript 2.5: Optional catch Binding

TypeScript 2.5 implemented the optional catch binding proposal, which changes the ECMAScript grammar to allow for the omission of the variable binding within a catch clause.

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