Marius Schulz

Passing Swift's Operator Functions to Higher-Order Functions

An operator function in Swift can be passed to a higher-order function like any other. Here are some examples where that comes in handy.  more →

Playing with Closure Expressions and Operator Functions in Swift

This post summarizes various language features of Swift that allow you to concisely define closure expressions, namely type inference, shorthand argument names, trailing closure syntax, and operator functions.  more →

Implementing a Custom Forward Pipe Operator for Function Chains in Swift

Swift allows you to define custom operators to extend the language. Read about how to implement a forward pipe operator that passes values through a chain of transformation functions.  more →

Parametrized Localization in ASP.NET

ResX files allow you to easily localize an ASP.NET application. I'll show you how I manage resource strings containing placeholders with confidence at compile-time.  more →

Learn the Basics of F# with Project Euler

Get started with F# by solving math problems from Project Euler. You'll learn about functional programming concepts along the way.  more →

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