Marius Schulz

Using the IndentedTextWriter Class to Output Hierarchically Structured Data

The IndentedTextWriter class allows you to output hierarchically structured data while preserving the nesting through indentation. Here's how.  more →

Asynchronously Bootstrapping AngularJS Applications with Server-Side Data

Learn how you can manually bootstrap AngularJS applications and initialize them with asynchronously loaded JSON data.  more →

Design Your Code for Composition

By designing your code for functional composition, you can keep it simple and targeted, making it easier to implement, understand, and test it. More sophisticated logic can be modeled by composing various building blocks of basic functionality — extension methods for collections, in the case of this post.  more →

The State of Modern Web Development

Read about how HTML 5, CSS 3, CSS preprocessors, ECMAScript 6, various JavaScript frameworks, and task runners have influenced modern web development.  more →

Switching To the en-US Keyboard Layout

This post summarizes my experience with switching from a German keyboard layout to an American one for programming and software development tasks.  more →

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