Marius Schulz

Parametrized Localization in ASP.NET

ResX files allow you to easily localize an ASP.NET application. I'll show you how I manage resource strings containing placeholders with confidence at compile-time.  more →

Learn the Basics of F# with Project Euler

Get started with F# by solving math problems from Project Euler. You'll learn about functional programming concepts along the way.  more →

My 8 Favorite ReSharper Shortcuts

ReSharper offers a vast suite of refactoring methods, all of which have their own shortcut. Here's a list of 8 shortcuts I've found to be indispensable.  more →

Numbers and Numeric Types in Swift

The Swift language designers made some interesting choices regarding static typing and numeric types. Read about how working with numbers in Swift differs from other languages.  more →

Combining Modifiers in C#: "protected internal" and "override sealed"

C# defines plenty of modifiers for type and type member declarations, some of which can be combined. Learn about how "protected internal" and "override sealed" work.  more →

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