Asynchronous JavaScript with async/await

In this course we will learn how to use the ES2017 async and await keywords to write asynchronous code that is more readable and easier to follow than equivalent code based on long promise chains or deeply nested callbacks.

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Chrome Developer Tools: "Store as Global Variable"

As web developers, we're using console.log all the time to log values to the console — at least I am. The Chrome Developer Tools contain a nice little feature to further work with the logged values which I want to share with you here.

Let's say we're logging a simple JavaScript object to the console:

function baz() {
    const obj = {
        foo: "bar"



When the baz function is executed, it logs obj to the console. Since obj is not a global variable, we can't directly access it because we don't have an identifier to refer to it.

Now, we could manually create a global variable for debugging purposes, of course — or we can let Chrome do the heavy lifting. Right-click on the value that's been logged to the console and select "Store as Global Variable":

Chrome menu 'Store as Global Variable'

Chrome has now created a global variable temp1 with the given value. We can do with it whatever we like since it's just a regular global variable now:

Using the global variable created by the Chrome Developer Tools

Pretty handy, don't you think?