Asynchronous JavaScript with async/await

In this course we will learn how to use the ES2017 async and await keywords to write asynchronous code that is more readable and easier to follow than equivalent code based on long promise chains or deeply nested callbacks.

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Free Tutorial Series: 30 Days to Learn jQuery

30 Days to Learn jQuery After writing my [Review of Douglas Crockford's "JavaScript: The Good Parts"](, I discovered that [Tuts+ Premium]( is offering a free tutorial series called [30 Days to Learn jQuery]( Every day throughout the month of February, one new video lesson will be released.

From what I have seen so far, the tutorials are very concise and high-quality and explain the material very well. I definitely encourage you to check them out!

For your convenience, here are the videos published so far. (Updated: March 1st, 2012)


  1. Welcome

The Basics

  1. Hello jQuery
  2. Not So Fast, jQuery
  3. The Basics of Querying the DOM
  4. Events 101
  5. Events 201
  6. Bind … Live … Delegate … Huh?
  7. Creating and Appending Content


  1. Slides and Structure
  2. The this Keyword
  3. Modifying Effect Speeds
  4. Creating Custom Effect Methods
  5. Full Control With animate
  6. Homework Solutions
  7. The Obligatory Slider (First Stab)
  8. Prototypal Inheritance and Refactoring the Slider
  9. Your Questions Answered


  1. $.each and Templating
  2. Say Hello to Handlebars
  3. The Twitter API
  4. Filtering with jQuery.grep

Custom Events

  1. Custom Events and the Observer Pattern


  1. Loading Pages Asynchronously
  2. Interacting with the Server-Side
  3. PHP and jQuery: Part 1
  4. PHP and jQuery: Part 2
  5. Deferreds

Plugin Development

  1. Head First Into Plugin Development


  1. Goodbye